A Kind Man


  • limping – bus stop – plastic bag – packets – tissue –
  • passengers – bought – squatted – earned –
  • grateful – smiled – money –


A limping man was waiting for bus at the makeshift bus stop. At that moment, he was holding a transparent bag. There were many packets of tissue paper in his bag. Apparently, he was selling the tissue paper as his bread and butter.

Many passengers took pity on the man. They dashed to him and bought tissue paper from him without asking the price. Just then, another old man arrived in the vicinity. He was disabled. His clothes were torn and tattered. Without any hesitation, he squatted nearby and put a bowl on the floor. He was begging for money. The limping man walked towards the beggar. Without the second thought, he gave him ten dollars that he had earned from selling the tissue paper. He also gave him a few packets of tissue paper.

The beggar was very grateful. He smiled at the kind stranger and thanked him profusely. Soon, both of them have enough money to buy food for lunch.


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