The Clown

  • clown – hired – parties – clothes – worked – wore – wig – nose –

Bryan was a clown. He was always hired for parties. He wore big colourful clothes when he worked. He also wore a unique wig and a big red nose.

  • carried – pouch – shapes – sizes – pump – inflated – twisted – making hats – wizard’s hat –

Bryan carried a pouch full of balloons with him. The balloons were of many different shapes and sizes. Bryan also had a small balloon pump. At parties, Bryan inflated the balloons and twisted the balloons into animal shapes for the children. He was very good at making hats out of these balloons too. He could make a wizard’s hat, a chef’s hat or a silly hat. All the children loved his silly hats.

  • telling – jokes – burst – facial expressions –

Bryan was also good at telling children’s jokes. All the children burst out laughing whenever he told the jokes.  They were also amused by his funny facial expressions.

  • job – happy – party – happy –

Bryan liked his job. He was always happy after a party because the children were happy.

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