The Kind Policeman

Self-made writing skills by Facilitator Bryan @0126641376.

  • policeman – works –

Bryan is a policeman who works at Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

  • spends – walking – neighbourhood – elderly – children – play – road – cycles – residents – makes sure – stands – junction –

Bryan spends most of his mornings walking around the neighbourhood. He helps the elderly and students to cross the road. He makes sure that children do not run or play too near the road. In the afternoons, he cycles around the neighbourhood. He stops to talk to the residents. Everyone likes him very much. In the evenings, Bryan makes sure that the children coming home from school do not dash across the road. He stands at the junction to watch them. When the children see him there, they behave immediately.

  • works – ill – job –

Bryan works hard every day. He goes to work even when he is ill. He enjoys his job because he likes to help others.

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