Doing Voluntary Work

  • kind- voluntary – children’s home – weekend-

My aunt is a kind lady . She does voluntary work at a children’s home every weekend. All children love seeing her.

  • goes – leaves – feeds – children – homework – listens – problems – kind – outdoor games – swimming pool –

Usually, my aunt goes to the home in the morning and leaves only in the evening. She feeds the younger children. She helps the elder ones with their homework. She also listens to their problems. They like her as she is kind and caring. Sometimes, she plays games with them. They play outdoor games such as football and basketball. They also play indoor games such as chess and scrabble. Occasionally, my aunt takes them to the nearby swimming pool for a swim.

  • look forward – weekend – spending – children –

The children look forward to my aunt’s visit every weekend. My aunt also enjoys spending time with the children.

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