My New Camera Phone

While waiting at the bus stop for my bus to arrive, I looked around in boredom at the flats around me. In my hand, I held my new mobile phone. It was one of the best camera phones on the market. My parents had just bought it for me. It had one of the best zoom functions of all the camera phones. I had been using it to take photographs of my candid moments.


However, I was on the lookout for something more exciting. At that moment, I saw movement on the third floor of a flat. Out of my curiosity, I walked towards the block of flats, taking out my mobile phone at the same time. To my surprise, I saw a man scaling the walls of the block of flats exactly the way Spiderman would do it. Immediately, I took a picture of him with my mobile phone. The man shocked me further by climbing through an open window of a flat on the third floor. I hurriedly snapped another picture of him in action. No one else noticed the events that were unfolding before me for the place was deserted.


I was hesitant about notifying the policeman as it occurred to me that the man might just have forgotten the bring his keys. If he was the owner of the flat, he would be annoyed with me and I would certainly not be able to live with the embarrassment. I decided to do nothing when I could not see any movement at the window after a few minutes.

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