An Interesting Zoo Trip

For the fifth time, Bryan touched the bulge in his backpack. It was a digital camera given by his parents on his birthday. He was going to use it to make a film about his visit to the zoo which was located at only a stone’s throw away from his house. As the bus approached the zoo, Bryan, unlike his other friends, quietly took out his video camera while the rest were jumping around excitedly.

Bryan turned on his video camera as he walked down the stairs. His teacher grinned and waved into the camera. His friends gave him the thumbs up sign. Bryan filmed everyone storming into the zoo. It was too difficult for Bryan to spot any monkeys initially. Once Bryan found a troop of monkeys, he quickened his pace with the zoom function to take a clearer picture. Afterwards, he filmed a polar bear splashing in the knee-deep river. Bryan pointed at one of the huge creatures and spoke loudly as they talked about the characteristics of the rhinoceroses.

Although the trip to the zoo was an uneventful one, Bryan was as excited as though it was his first trip there. He captured his friends in their candid moments and his teacher in a rare moment laughing while playing some tricks with the students.

It was a dream came true for Bryan as he was capable of viewing the entire excursion again when he went home. Knowing what he had done, his teacher persuaded him to try his hand at video editing and make a film of the zoo trip.


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