A Car Was on Fire

Bryan was on his way to school. The pavement were filled with students walking to school. Many adults were busy going to work at the same time. Just then, horns blared and pedestrians screamed thunderously.


Peering through the many people who had gathered along the pavement, Bryan saw puffs of smoke snaking out from between two trees. Inching his way through the crowd, Bryan stepped onto the side of the road to avoid getting injured. He was horrified to witness a car with its front smashed against a tree. Smoke was billowing from the bonnet profusely. One of the doors was opened and a few people were trying to drag the driver out. The driver was pregnant and sobbed in fear.


“What happened?” someone next to Bryan asked. However, the shock had robbed Bryan of any speech. He stared at the scene as a sense of panic engulfed him.  Bryan ran forward a little. He was standing in the middle of the road together with drivers who had come out from the cars. He wanted to shout and asked them to get away but he could not utter a word. He was overcome with fright as more and more smoke emerged from the bonnet. Suddenly, someone shouted, “Hurry!” The car is going to explode!”


Bryan was jolted from his thoughts. Together with the rest of the crowd, he ran as far as he could. The victims had been dragged away just in time. There were popping sounds and loud bang before bright orange flames burst out of the bonnet.

Bryan was late for school that day but so were many of his friends. They were unable to walk to school as the route was blocked. The police had cordoned off the area.

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