An Incident

Bryan was (1) _______his way to the library. He was carrying a heavy bag (2) _______ library books. He was supposed (3) ______use the overhead bridge but his bag was too heavy.


Bryan made sure that there were no oncoming cars before crossing the road. However, a car came speeding (4) ___________him when he was (5) _________the middle (6) _________ the road. He was too frightened to move. Although the driver sounded the horn loudly, Bryan did not move. It was too late (7) ___________ the driver to stop. He turned the car to avoid hitting Bryan but he knocked Bryan’s big bag. Bryan fell to the ground. His legs were bleeding badly. The driver called (8) _______________ an ambulance. Luckily, Bryan was not badly hurt.


After the accident, Bryan made sure that he used the overhead bridge whenever he crossed the road.

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