Late for School

Late for School

Bryan jumped (1) ________of bed when he heard a loud honk. After looking (2) _______ his window, he saw his school bus moving (3) _______.


Bryan looked (4) ________the clock. It was seven o’clock. He had overslept! He tore (5) _______ his pyjamas and threw (6) _______his uniform. There was no time (7) _______breakfast. After putting (8) _____his socks and shoes hurriedly, he rushed (9) ______ of the house. He decided to run all the way to school. It was a long way. Bryan was out (10) ______breath by the time he arrived (11) __________the school. He was too late. A school perfect was standing at the gate. He took down Bryan’s name and class. Then, he made him stand (12) _______ the gate until the morning assembly was over.


Bryan regretted staying (13) ____________late to watch his favourite film. He was tired, breathless and hungry. He decided not to sleep late (14) ________then on.

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