A Nightmare

It was a sunny day. Alice heard the doorbell ring. She ran (1) ______ open the door.

(2) _________her surprise, there was a man (3) _______a long black coat (4) ________the door. He did not say a word. Instead, he gave Alice a box. Alice opened the box and was puzzled (5) ______ see a black coat and immediately floated (6) ______ the air. She floated out (7) ____________ the door and flew (8) ________the buildings. She flew so high that she almost touched the clouds. Suddenly, she saw crows and bats flying (9) ________her. Alice tried move faster. She felt a sharp pain. A crow had caught (10) _______ and was pecking her! Alice closed her eyes and screamed (11) _______fear.


Just then, she felt someone shaking her. Opening her eyes, she realized that she was (12) ______ the floor. Her mother was beside her. Alice realized it was just a dream.

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