An Accident at Sea

It was a gloomy night. Many fishing boats could be seen going out (1) _______ sea.

Suddenly, there was a thunderous crash. Two fishing boats had collided! It was dark and the fishermen could not see clearly (2) ________ the dark. Fortunately, the men were not injured. One (3) _____ them had hit his head (4) ______ the side (5) ______ the boat. The other hurt his knee when he lost his balance.


The boats, however, were badly damaged. Some (6) ______ the fishing equipment had fallen (7) ______ the sea. There were large cracks (8) _______ both boats. Water had begun (9) _____ rush (10) _____. The fishermen could not stay (11) _____ their boats any longer. The other fishing boats nearby rowed closer (12) ____ the fishermen and helped them (13) _____ their boats.

The fishermen were a little shaken (14) _____ the accident. They were experienced and did not expect this accident to happen.

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