A Frightening Night

Alice was alone (1) _______ home. Her parents had gone (2) _________ an important meeting.


Alice was watching television when she saw lightning flash (3) _______ the sky. Out of the blue, she heard the rumble of thunder. At that moment, she felt very uneasy. Instead, she decided to switch (4) ________ the television and go (5) ______ bed. She left the lights (6) _______ in her room and crawled (7) _______ her blanket. Before long, it started to rain cats and dogs. It became heavier and heavier. The thunder grew louder too. By now, Alice was so frightened that she had started (8) _______ cry. She tried to close her eyes and cover her ears but she could not sleep.

Alice was still awake when her parents returned (9) ______the meeting. Then, she asked to sleep (10) ________ their room.

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