Catching a Pickpocket

Alice is (1) ______ the shopping centre. She goes (2) ______ the stationery store to look (3) _______ a new pencil case. The store is very (4) _________.


Out of the blue, Alice sees a man putting his hand (5) _______ a lady’s handbag (6) _______ the entrance. The elderly lady is looking (7) ______ some pens and does not notice that her handbag is open. Seeing this, Alice shouts (8) _______ the man loudly. However, the store is too noisy. No on hears her. Just then, Alice sees a security guard. She runs (9) ______ him and tells him what is happening. The security guard runs (10) ______ to the man. The man is (11) ______ to put the lady’s purse (12) _______ his own pocket. The security guard grabs the man immediately. He takes the purse (13) ________ him and gives it back (14) _______ the lady.

The lady is very grateful (15) ______ Alice and the security guard. The pickpocket is handed (16) ______ to the police.

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