Painting the House

Last Saturday, my father decided (1) __________paint the house as the paint was peeling (2) __________. Without having a second thought, my brother and I decided to help him.


We got (3) ____________ very early that day. We helped (4) ____________cover the furniture and line the floor (5) ____________newspapers and old magazines. After the furniture and floor were protected, our father took (6) __________the tins of beige paint (7) ____________the storeroom. He scraped the walls to remove the old paint.


Then, my brother and I lay the new paint (8) _______________ the walls. In order to paint the higher parts (9) ____________ the walls, our father climbed the ladder. When my father was painting the ceiling, he had to be very careful or the paint would drip (10) _____________his head. (11) _________the time we finished the living room, we were exhausted.

We sat down to rest and discussed when to paint the bedrooms. It was hard work but we had a lot (12) _________fun. We planned to paint the bedrooms the next day.

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