Our Garden

We have a garden (1) _____________ our house. It is a big garden (2) ________________ many plants and trees.


My father likes fruit trees. He grows a papaya tree and the flowers are just starting to bloom. He also grows banana plants and mango trees. We hardly buy fruit because we can always pluck them (3) ___________ our garden. There are also a few flowering plants (4) _______________ our garden. I like the orchids best. There are two different types (5) ______________ orchids (6) _____________ our garden. One has yellow flowers and the other has purple flowers. There is a small corner (7) _________________ the garden that belongs to me. My mother lets me grow my own plants there. I grow a chilli plant and lime plant.

I like to go to the garden. I am usually (8) ___________ the garden whenever I am free.

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