Our New House

My family and I moved (1) ___________ a terraced house last month. Our new house is much bigger than our old flat.


There are three storeys (2) __________ our house. The living room, the dining room and the kitchen are (3) ____________________ the ground floor. My father has three small fish tanks (4) ___________________ the living room. He keeps many goldfish (5) ____________ the fish tanks. The study room is (6) ______________________ the first floor. Next (7) __________________ the study room is a room where I can play computer games. It is my favourite place. My bedroom is (8) ____________________ the top floor. There is a toilet (9)______________________ my brother’s bedroom and mine. My parents’ bedroom is the biggest.


There is a garden (10) ___________ front of our house. My father fixed a swing and placed some benches (11) ________ the garden.

I like our new house as there is a lot more space. I also do not have to share a room (12) _____________ my brother.

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