Bicycle Accident

Bryan was (1) ________________ when his parents gave him a new bicycle for his birthday. He (2) _________________ as he could now cycle everywhere (3) ________________________________________. His parents (4) ____________him about being (5) _______________________ and advised him to (6) ______________________. Bryan promised to be a responsible cyclist. (7) _______________________________________safety was not the most important thing on his mind.


He was thrilled that he could now become (8) ________________________________ in school. Every evening, the group of cyclists would meet in the (9) _____________________________ and (10) _________________________ such as (11) ____________________ (12) ____________ with (13) ________________________. Bryan was (13)  ________________and practised hard to (14) __________________________. He became very good at these stunts very quickly.


One day, as he was cycling home, he decided to do a (15) __________________ on the road. As he (16) ___________________ to lift the front tyre of his bicycle, he lost his balance and (17) ________________. He (18) ______________ a passing motorcyclist who also lost control and fell off his motorcycle.

(19) _________________________, one of them seriously hurt. However, the motorcyclist was very (20) __________________. Then, he (21) __________________________. He (22) _____________________________________for the damage to his motorcycle.

Bryan’s parents were (23) _____________________. They (24) ________________ his bicycle for a month and insisted that he pay for the damage from his own pocket money. Thankfully, Bryan learnt his lesson and never tried any more stunts on the road again.

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