Email -My Trip to Tanjung Malim River

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Subject: My Trip to Tanjung Malim River

Dear Micheal,

How are you? I hope you and your family are in the pink of health. I have just returned from an excursion in Tanjung Malim River. It was an extraordinary experience!

I saw countless authentic mangrove trees for the first time in my whole life. They were fabulous! They had roots that grew downwards from the tree trunks into the ground. They looked like stilts supporting the tress in the wet muddy ground. There were also roots that stuck out like sticks from the water. The tour guide enlightened us that these roots were like snorkels, taking in air from the atmosphere for the trees.

Along the way, we spotted a large bird on a tree branch. It had a huge bill that curved downwards. “That’s a hornbill,”I said excitedly. The leader nodded. Later, we saw two alligators at the embankment. They approached us but our boat sped off before they could reach us.

Bye for now.

Your cousin,