Cleaning Up

Last Friday, my mother and I cleaned (1) ______the whole house as my grandmother was coming to stay (2) ______ us (3) ______ a few days. We wanted the house to be spick and span.


I got (4) ______ every early that day and cleaned my room thoroughly. I folded my clothes and put my books (5) ______ the shelves carefully. After that, I helped my mother to clean the house attentively. I dusted the kitchen together as it was very dirty and oily .(6) _______the afternoon, my mother and I bought some flowers. We put them (7) _______a vase (8) ____________ the coffee table. They looked lively.

My mother and I were pleased (9) _________ ourselves. The house was very neat. We could not wait (10) ____________ our grandmother to arrive.

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