Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching TV

Majority of the people have recognized television as a type of entertainment that exist in many countries throughout the world. In the United States, television has become part of everyday existence. An influx of dwellers in Malaysia spend a great amount of time gazing on television. Nevertheless, television has some negative influence on people, and one of them is promoting violence. Yet conversely, television also can be informative for some individuals.

Moviegoers have seen all types of entertainment on television but a lot of those entertainments are affecting people in negative way. For instance, a story of a hero who fights the villains. In this story, they will show the audience how the hero fights against those villains. The children who have seen this type of movie will be influenced easily, and they will try to imitate those television heroes.

By turns, television also can be informative for some watchers. Television news is one of the most beneficial and informative programmes shown on television. People can get the most up-to-date information rapidly and easily. In some occasions, television network also shows several education programmes like National Geographic. People especially students can learn something from it.

Many people may think that television is entertaining and educative, but personally I think television affects us more on the negative way. We have seen a lot of movies about violence on television, and we have been affected by those types of shows without realizing it. Infinite people would deny that fact, and they will continously watch television for hours each day and say they are not being affected by it.