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Idioms for Primary School

  1. The apple of one’s eye
  2. at one’s fingertips
  3. at the eleventh hour
  4. bad egg
  5. beat about the bush
  6. bell the cat
  7. bread and butter
  8. bury the hatchet
  9. by hook or by crook
  10. carry weight
  11. catch red-handed
  12. chicken-hearted
  13. child’s play
  14. cock and bull story
  15. come to the point
  16. dead broke
  17. dog in manner
  18. cat humble pie
  19. an eye for an eye
  20. face the music
  21. foot the bill
  22. get into hot water
  23. hard and fast rule
  24. have a sweet tooth
  25. have green eyes
  26. hold one’s tongue
  27. in a twinkling of an eye
  28. keep in mind
  29. keep something quiet
  30. kill two birds with one stone
  31. lend a hand
  32. like cat and dog
  33. make both ends meet
  34. once in a blue moon
  35. pass the hat around
  36. pay through the nose
  37. pick and choose
  38. put one’s best foot forward
  39. put one’s foot down
  40. rain cats and dogs
  41. read between the lines
  42. read-letter day
  43. see eye to eye
  44. see red
  45. snake in the grass
  46. spread like wildfire
  47. take up arms
  48. talk behind one’s back
  49. turn over a new leaf
  50. a white elephant
  51. win the day
  52. up-to-date


  1. As a rule – Usually, generally
  2. Be on the safe side – Take no chances
  3. Be up to one’s ears – Have a lot of work / exams / reports
  4. By all means – Definitely / certainly
  5. Catch a cold – To get sick with a cold
  6. Come down with – Become sick / ill with
  7. Come up with – Find a solution / an idea
  8. Die of hunger – Be very hungry
  9. Every now and then – Occasionally, not often
  10. Every other – Alternate
  11. Got down to (work / business) – Start work without delaying
  12. Get the ball rolling – Start an activity / make a beginning
  13. Make a point of – Say or do something with a particular intent
  14. Once in a blue moon – Almost never
  15. Out of the question – impossible
  16. The ins and outs of – All the details
  17. Think nothing of it – That’s all right
  18. Under the weather – Not well
  19. To clear the air – To explain
  20. To keep up appearance – To make it look as if you are richer or better off
  21. To have an axe to grind – To have something to gain by an action
  22. To get out of bed on the wrong side – To get up in the morning in bad temper
  23. To face the music – to face the consequences
  24. To get into hot water – To get into trouble
  25. To make a mountain out of a molehill – To make a small matter appear much bigger
  26. To tell a white lie – To tell a lie for a good cause
  27. To turn over a new leaf – To become a good boy
  28. Judge a book by its cover – should not judge a person based on his / her outlook

As a rule

As a rule – usually, generally

  • As a rule I write a short essay before going to bed.