Similes showing qualities of creatures for UPSR


  1. as fast as a deer
  2. as fat as a pig
  3. as feeble as a child
  4. a frisky as two-year-old
  5. as gentle as a dove
  6. as gentle as a lamb
  7. as graceful as a swan
  8. as hairy as a gorilla
  9. as harmless as a dove
  10. as hungry as a hunter / wolf
  11. as industrious as a beaver
  12. as loyal as an apostle
  13. as mad as a March hare
  14. as playful as a kitten / puppy
  15. as plump as a partridge
  16. as sick as a dog
  17. as silly as a sheep
  18. as sober as a judge
  19. as strong as a horse
  20. as swift as a hawk
  21. as tall as a giant
  22. as tender as a chicken
  23. as white as a ghost


as alike as two peas in a pod

as agile as a monkey

as angry as a wasp

as bald as an egg

as bald as a coot

as big as a bus

as big as an elephant

as black as a sweep

as black as coal

as black as pitch

as blind as a bat

as blind as a mole

as blue as indigo

as bold as brass

as brave as a lion

as bright as a button

as bright as a new pin

very bright and shiny

as busy as a beaver

as busy as a bee

as busy as a cat on a hot tin roof

as calm as a millpond / cat

as clear as a bell

as clean as a whistle

as clear as crystal

as clear as mud

as cold as ice

as common as dirt

as cool as a cucumber

as cunning as a fox

as clumsy as a bear

as dark as midnight

as dead as a doornail

as dead as the dodo

as deaf as a post

as deep as the ocean

as docile as a lamb

as different as chalk from cheese

as drunk as a lord

as dry as a bone

as dry as dust

as dull as dishwater

as easy as A.B.C.

as easy as apple-pie

as fit as a fiddle

as fickle as the weather

as flat as a pancake

as free as a bird

as fresh as a daisy

as green as grass

as gentle as a lamb

as good as gold

as healthy as a horse

as hardworking as a bee

as happy as a lark

as hard as nails / steel

as hot as hell

as hungry as a bear

as hungry as a wolf

as innocent as a lamb

as large as life

as light as a feather

as light as air

as mad as a hatter

as mad as a hornet

as mean as a miser

as nutty as a fruitcake

as obstinate as a mule

as old as the hills

as pale as death

as plain as day

as poor as a church mouse

as poor as dirt

as proud as a peacock

as pure as snow

as pure as the driven snow

as quick as a wink

as quick as lightning

as quick as silver

as quiet as a church mouse

as round as a barrel

as safe as houses

as scarce as hen’s teeth

as sharp as a razor

as sick as a dog

as sick as a parrot

as silent as the dead

as silent as the grave

as slippery as an eel

as slow as a snail

as slow as a tortoise

as smooth as silk

as snug as a bug in a rug

as sober as a judge

as solid as a rock

as solid as the ground we stand on

as sound as a bell

as sour as vinegar

as steady as a rock

as stiff as a board

as straight as an arrow

as strong as an ox / Hercules

as stubborn as a mule

as sturdy as an oak

as sure as death and taxes

as tall as a giraffe

as thin as a rake

as thick as a thief

as timid as a rabbit / mouse

as tough as leather

as tough as nails

as tough as old boots

as welcome as a skunk at a lawn party

as white as a ghost

as white as a sheet

as white as snow

as wise as Solomon

as wise as an owl