Our Helpful Neighbour

Mr Bryan is our next-door neighbour. He has been living there for the past twenty years.

Mr Bryan is very kind. When my parents are not around, he keeps an eye on my sister and me. He buys us toys too. Occasionally, when I come back from school, he gives me some food that he prepares. Mr Bryan cooks a feast every Sunday. He invites us to join him and his family for a meal. When he goes to the hypermarket, he asks my parents if they need him to buy any groceries. He also teaches us how to do some difficult homework.

My family and I are glad that we have Mr Bryan as our neighbour. We are very grateful to him for assistance.


My Naughty Sister

My sister, Alice, is ten years old. She is a naughty girl who always plays tricks on others. She likes to hide my things when I go to sleep. When I wake up, my books and toys are always missing.


She also likes to scare people by screaming in their ears. She always comes up to me when I am doing my homework and shouts into my ear as loud as thunder. Then, she runs off smirking at me. She always gives me such a fright that I will drop my book and pencil. Once, he went too far and gave my mother a shock when she was cooking. My mother really spilled hot soup on her arm. She was so angry that she punished my sister.

I try to keep an eye on my sister whenever I can,. Hopefully, she can turn over a new leaf.

Written by,

Bryan Low

Tel: 012-664-1376