Common Errors in similes showing qualities of things / creatures!

  1. Wrong: as clear as a crystal.
    Correct: as clear as crystal.

  2. Wrong: as hard as the iron
    Correct: As hard as iron.

  3. Wrong: as smooth as the glasses
    Correct: as smooth as glass.

  1. Wrong: as safe as a bank.
    Correct: as safe as the bank.

  2. Wrong: as silent as a grave
    Correct: as silent as the grave.

  3. Wrong: as hot as the furnace.
    Correct: as hot as a furnace.

  4. Wrong: as light as the feathers.
    Correct: as light as a feather.

  5. Wrong: as wise as a owl.
    Correct: as wise as an owl.

  6. Wrong: as sure-footed as the goat.
    Correct: as sure-footed as a goat.


Preposition for Transport – Set 2

When do we use ‘in‘ and ‘on‘ for different forms of transportation?
Why is it ‘on the bus’ and ‘in the car’?  What is the difference?  Well, let’s take a short look:
on the bus, on the train, on the ship, on the plane – These are all forms of public transportation.
in the car, in the boat, in the canoe – These are forms of private transportation.
It appears that ‘on‘ is used with public forms of transportation whereas ‘in‘ is used with private forms of transportation.  But, becareful there are some exceptions to this rule.  We have things that we ‘ride on‘.  For example, on a bike, on a horse, on an elephant, etc…  We also have at least one form of semi-private transportationin a taxi.  I guess taxis are cars so we say ‘in a taxi’.
Let’s review!
Let’s say I need to catch a plane in Tokyo, but I live in Osaka.  So, I rode on my bicycle to get to my friends house.  He drove me, so I rode in a car to get to Osaka station.  Then, I rode on a train to Tokyo.  Finally, I rode in a taxi to Narita airport.  (I was in a hurry.)

Preposition for Public Transport

Things you get on: train, plane, bus, boat
When talking about commercial or public transportation, such as a train or plane, use the preposition.
The passengers are on the plane.
We need to get on this bus.
Manuel is waiting for us on the boat.
Things you get in: taxi, car, truck
When it comes to personal modes of transportation, such as a taxi or a car, use the preposition in.
She got in the taxi.
I am already in the car.
The boxes are loaded in the van.
As a general rule, you can choose a preposition based on the public/private modes of transportation, but (as any English learner knows) there are exceptions to every rule! Are there other prepositions that you struggle with? Share with us!