The Swiss Family Robinson

Minor Character:

Mrs Robinson

  • She is the mother of the children
  • She is a brave woman because she is not afraid of challenges and problems faced.
  • She takes the initiative to make her family comfortable and happy in the unexpected circumstances
  • She takes care of the household chores.
  • She looks after the crops and animals.
  • She is smart because she is able to make bread out of manioc roots.
  • She cares and concerns of her family.
  • She is observant because she reminds her husband the danger of having rope ladder at the tree house.

The Swiss Family Robinson

Main Characters:

Mr. Robinson

  • Mr Robinson is the father of the children
  • He has good sense, practical knowledge.
  • He also understands human nature.
  • He tells the family that they must rely on each other under the unforeseeable circumstances.
  • He has a lot of information on the plants and animals in the ocean and the jungle.
  • He can identify a viable place for his family to stay.
  • He gives a lot of encouragement to his family so that they are able to survive on the island.
  • He fosters his son lots of good habits such as be independent, be resourceful and be respectful.
  • He is able to train his family to be civilised on the island that has no rules and regulations governed.