Bicycle Accident

Bryan was (1) ________________ when his parents gave him a new bicycle for his birthday. He (2) _________________ as he could now cycle everywhere (3) ________________________________________. His parents (4) ____________him about being (5) _______________________ and advised him to (6) ______________________. Bryan promised to be a responsible cyclist. (7) _______________________________________safety was not the most important thing on his mind.


He was thrilled that he could now become (8) ________________________________ in school. Every evening, the group of cyclists would meet in the (9) _____________________________ and (10) _________________________ such as (11) ____________________ (12) ____________ with (13) ________________________. Bryan was (13)  ________________and practised hard to (14) __________________________. He became very good at these stunts very quickly.


One day, as he was cycling home, he decided to do a (15) __________________ on the road. As he (16) ___________________ to lift the front tyre of his bicycle, he lost his balance and (17) ________________. He (18) ______________ a passing motorcyclist who also lost control and fell off his motorcycle.

(19) _________________________, one of them seriously hurt. However, the motorcyclist was very (20) __________________. Then, he (21) __________________________. He (22) _____________________________________for the damage to his motorcycle.

Bryan’s parents were (23) _____________________. They (24) ________________ his bicycle for a month and insisted that he pay for the damage from his own pocket money. Thankfully, Bryan learnt his lesson and never tried any more stunts on the road again.

Our Garden

We have a garden (1) _____________ our house. It is a big garden (2) ________________ many plants and trees.


My father likes fruit trees. He grows a papaya tree and the flowers are just starting to bloom. He also grows banana plants and mango trees. We hardly buy fruit because we can always pluck them (3) ___________ our garden. There are also a few flowering plants (4) _______________ our garden. I like the orchids best. There are two different types (5) ______________ orchids (6) _____________ our garden. One has yellow flowers and the other has purple flowers. There is a small corner (7) _________________ the garden that belongs to me. My mother lets me grow my own plants there. I grow a chilli plant and lime plant.

I like to go to the garden. I am usually (8) ___________ the garden whenever I am free.

Our New House

My family and I moved (1) ___________ a terraced house last month. Our new house is much bigger than our old flat.


There are three storeys (2) __________ our house. The living room, the dining room and the kitchen are (3) ____________________ the ground floor. My father has three small fish tanks (4) ___________________ the living room. He keeps many goldfish (5) ____________ the fish tanks. The study room is (6) ______________________ the first floor. Next (7) __________________ the study room is a room where I can play computer games. It is my favourite place. My bedroom is (8) ____________________ the top floor. There is a toilet (9)______________________ my brother’s bedroom and mine. My parents’ bedroom is the biggest.


There is a garden (10) ___________ front of our house. My father fixed a swing and placed some benches (11) ________ the garden.

I like our new house as there is a lot more space. I also do not have to share a room (12) _____________ my brother.

Painting the House

Last Saturday, my father decided (1) __________paint the house as the paint was peeling (2) __________. Without having a second thought, my brother and I decided to help him.


We got (3) ____________ very early that day. We helped (4) ____________cover the furniture and line the floor (5) ____________newspapers and old magazines. After the furniture and floor were protected, our father took (6) __________the tins of beige paint (7) ____________the storeroom. He scraped the walls to remove the old paint.


Then, my brother and I lay the new paint (8) _______________ the walls. In order to paint the higher parts (9) ____________ the walls, our father climbed the ladder. When my father was painting the ceiling, he had to be very careful or the paint would drip (10) _____________his head. (11) _________the time we finished the living room, we were exhausted.

We sat down to rest and discussed when to paint the bedrooms. It was hard work but we had a lot (12) _________fun. We planned to paint the bedrooms the next day.

Cleaning up

Last Friday, my mother and I cleaned (1) ______the whole house as my grandmother was coming to stay (2) ______ us (3) ______ a few days. We wanted the house to be spick and span.


I got (4) ______ every early that day and cleaned my room thoroughly. I folded my clothes and put my books (5) ______ the shelves carefully. After that, I helped my mother to clean the house attentively. I dusted the kitchen together as it was very dirty and oily .(6) _______the afternoon, my mother and I bought some flowers. We put them (7) _______a vase (8) ____________ the coffee table. They looked lively.

My mother and I were pleased (9) _________ ourselves. The house was very neat. We could not wait (10) ____________ our grandmother to arrive.

Catching a Pickpocket

Alice is (1) ______ the shopping centre. She goes (2) ______ the stationery store to look (3) _______ a new pencil case. The store is very (4) _________.


Out of the blue, Alice sees a man putting his hand (5) _______ a lady’s handbag (6) _______ the entrance. The elderly lady is looking (7) ______ some pens and does not notice that her handbag is open. Seeing this, Alice shouts (8) _______ the man loudly. However, the store is too noisy. No on hears her. Just then, Alice sees a security guard. She runs (9) ______ him and tells him what is happening. The security guard runs (10) ______ to the man. The man is (11) ______ to put the lady’s purse (12) _______ his own pocket. The security guard grabs the man immediately. He takes the purse (13) ________ him and gives it back (14) _______ the lady.

The lady is very grateful (15) ______ Alice and the security guard. The pickpocket is handed (16) ______ to the police.

A Frightening Night

Alice was alone (1) _______ home. Her parents had gone (2) _________ an important meeting.


Alice was watching television when she saw lightning flash (3) _______ the sky. Out of the blue, she heard the rumble of thunder. At that moment, she felt very uneasy. Instead, she decided to switch (4) ________ the television and go (5) ______ bed. She left the lights (6) _______ in her room and crawled (7) _______ her blanket. Before long, it started to rain cats and dogs. It became heavier and heavier. The thunder grew louder too. By now, Alice was so frightened that she had started (8) _______ cry. She tried to close her eyes and cover her ears but she could not sleep.

Alice was still awake when her parents returned (9) ______the meeting. Then, she asked to sleep (10) ________ their room.

A Nightmare

It was a sunny day. Alice heard the doorbell ring. She ran (1) ______ open the door.

(2) _________her surprise, there was a man (3) _______a long black coat (4) ________the door. He did not say a word. Instead, he gave Alice a box. Alice opened the box and was puzzled (5) ______ see a black coat and immediately floated (6) ______ the air. She floated out (7) ____________ the door and flew (8) ________the buildings. She flew so high that she almost touched the clouds. Suddenly, she saw crows and bats flying (9) ________her. Alice tried move faster. She felt a sharp pain. A crow had caught (10) _______ and was pecking her! Alice closed her eyes and screamed (11) _______fear.


Just then, she felt someone shaking her. Opening her eyes, she realized that she was (12) ______ the floor. Her mother was beside her. Alice realized it was just a dream.

An Accident at Sea

It was a gloomy night. Many fishing boats could be seen going out (1) _______ sea.

Suddenly, there was a thunderous crash. Two fishing boats had collided! It was dark and the fishermen could not see clearly (2) ________ the dark. Fortunately, the men were not injured. One (3) _____ them had hit his head (4) ______ the side (5) ______ the boat. The other hurt his knee when he lost his balance.


The boats, however, were badly damaged. Some (6) ______ the fishing equipment had fallen (7) ______ the sea. There were large cracks (8) _______ both boats. Water had begun (9) _____ rush (10) _____. The fishermen could not stay (11) _____ their boats any longer. The other fishing boats nearby rowed closer (12) ____ the fishermen and helped them (13) _____ their boats.

The fishermen were a little shaken (14) _____ the accident. They were experienced and did not expect this accident to happen.

Late for School

Late for School

Bryan jumped (1) ________of bed when he heard a loud honk. After looking (2) _______ his window, he saw his school bus moving (3) _______.


Bryan looked (4) ________the clock. It was seven o’clock. He had overslept! He tore (5) _______ his pyjamas and threw (6) _______his uniform. There was no time (7) _______breakfast. After putting (8) _____his socks and shoes hurriedly, he rushed (9) ______ of the house. He decided to run all the way to school. It was a long way. Bryan was out (10) ______breath by the time he arrived (11) __________the school. He was too late. A school perfect was standing at the gate. He took down Bryan’s name and class. Then, he made him stand (12) _______ the gate until the morning assembly was over.


Bryan regretted staying (13) ____________late to watch his favourite film. He was tired, breathless and hungry. He decided not to sleep late (14) ________then on.