My New Camera Phone

While waiting at the bus stop for my bus to arrive, I looked around in boredom at the flats around me. In my hand, I held my new mobile phone. It was one of the best camera phones on the market. My parents had just bought it for me. It had one of the best zoom functions of all the camera phones. I had been using it to take photographs of my candid moments.


However, I was on the lookout for something more exciting. At that moment, I saw movement on the third floor of a flat. Out of my curiosity, I walked towards the block of flats, taking out my mobile phone at the same time. To my surprise, I saw a man scaling the walls of the block of flats exactly the way Spiderman would do it. Immediately, I took a picture of him with my mobile phone. The man shocked me further by climbing through an open window of a flat on the third floor. I hurriedly snapped another picture of him in action. No one else noticed the events that were unfolding before me for the place was deserted.


I was hesitant about notifying the policeman as it occurred to me that the man might just have forgotten the bring his keys. If he was the owner of the flat, he would be annoyed with me and I would certainly not be able to live with the embarrassment. I decided to do nothing when I could not see any movement at the window after a few minutes.


A Rainy Day

A flash of lightning lit the sky, followed by loud thunder. The sky was dark. Although it was midday, it looked very gloomy. Then, it started raining heavily. The rain continued for an hour. There were puddles of water everywhere. The drain behind the bus stop was overflowing with rainwater and looked ominous. The water on the road flowed swiftly.


After a while, the heavy rain turned into a drizzle. People walked around with umbrellas. It looked like a sea of colourful umbrellas. A few ladies were walking very slowly so as not to get splashed by passing cars. A few children were having the time of their lives playing in the puddles of water. They did not seem to mind that their socks and shoes were thoroughly wet.

Doing Voluntary Work

  • kind- voluntary – children’s home – weekend-

My aunt is a kind lady . She does voluntary work at a children’s home every weekend. All children love seeing her.

  • goes – leaves – feeds – children – homework – listens – problems – kind – outdoor games – swimming pool –

Usually, my aunt goes to the home in the morning and leaves only in the evening. She feeds the younger children. She helps the elder ones with their homework. She also listens to their problems. They like her as she is kind and caring. Sometimes, she plays games with them. They play outdoor games such as football and basketball. They also play indoor games such as chess and scrabble. Occasionally, my aunt takes them to the nearby swimming pool for a swim.

  • look forward – weekend – spending – children –

The children look forward to my aunt’s visit every weekend. My aunt also enjoys spending time with the children.

The Kind Policeman

  • policeman – works –

Bryan is a policeman. He works at Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

  • spends – walking – neighbourhood – elderly – children – play – road – cycles – residents – makes sure – stands – junction –

Bryan spends most of his mornings walking around the neighbourhood. He helps the elderly and students to cross the road. He makes sure that children do not run or play too near the road. In the afternoons, he cycles around the neighbourhood. He stops to talk to the residents. Everyone likes him very much. In the evenings, Bryan makes sure that the children coming home from school do not dash across the road. He stands at the junction to watch them. When the children see him there, they behave immediately.

  • works – ill – job –

Bryan works hard every day. He goes to work even when he is ill. He enjoys his job because he likes to help others.

The Dishonest Boy

Parker is a dishonest boy. His parents ask him to turn over a new leaf but he does not listen to them.

Parker likes to tell lies, so his classmates stay away from him. Soon, he has no friends in school. He lies so that he can stay away  from trouble. When he forgets to do his homework, he tells his teacher that he has forgotten to bring the homework. When he plays basketball after school, he tells his mother that he has been doing his homework in the school library. Besides telling lies, Parker likes to steal his friends’ stationery.

Parker deserves to be punished for his lies. One day, he was caught red-handed. He promised his teacher he would not tell lies anymore.

The Clown

  • clown – hired – parties – clothes – worked – wore – wig – nose –

Bryan was a clown. He was always hired for parties. He wore big colourful clothes when he worked. He also wore a unique wig and a big red nose.

  • carried – pouch – shapes – sizes – pump – inflated – twisted – making hats – wizard’s hat –

Bryan carried a pouch full of balloons with him. The balloons were of many different shapes and sizes. Bryan also had a small balloon pump. At parties, Bryan inflated the balloons and twisted the balloons into animal shapes for the children. He was very good at making hats out of these balloons too. He could make a wizard’s hat, a chef’s hat or a silly hat. All the children loved his silly hats.

  • telling – jokes – burst – facial expressions –

Bryan was also good at telling children’s jokes. All the children burst out laughing whenever he told the jokes.  They were also amused by his funny facial expressions.

  • job – happy – party – happy –

Bryan liked his job. He was always happy after a party because the children were happy.

The Kind Man


  • limp man – bus – plastic – packets – tissue –
  • bought – torn – squatted – earned –
  • grateful – smiled – money –

A limp man was standing  at the bus stop. He was holding a small transparent bag. There were many packets of tissue paper in his bag. There were many packets of tissue paper in his bag. He was selling the tissue paper.

Many passengers took pity on the man. They dashed to him and bought tissue paper from him. Just then, another old man arrived. He was disabled. His clothes were torn and tattered. He squatted nearby and put a bowl on the floor. He was begging for money. The limp man walked towards the beggar. He gave him ten dollars that he had earned from selling the tissue paper. He also gave him a few packets of tissue paper.

The beggar was very grateful. He smiled at the kind stranger. Now, Both would have enough money to buy food for lunch.