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Themes for Cheat

Cheat is written by Allan Baillie. There are two main themes for the story.

First of all, we must be judgemental. We might not jump into conclusion too soon and it caused misunderstanding. For example, Lynne is one of the characters who is judgemental. After she read about the book writeen by William Bradburie in the library, she was filled with anger. She said that Geoff is cheating in the short story competition even though she has never read Geoff’s story before. The second theme is creative writing is not always original. A creative idea or innovation like is not always original because we will take idea and inspiration from different resources to make improvement. For instance, Lynne emphasised the importance of originality in the writing. When she realised that Geoff is not cheating, she was wondering whether she had read any story related to the sheepdog in flood.

Describe a Person

Bryan is a very tall and well-built with broad shoulders and muscular arms and legs. He is very fair. He always wears a hat. He has a big, bushy beard. His nose is long and hooked and rather aristocratic-looking but he has the warmest and dreamiest eyes I have ever seen. He is always smiling rather sweetly in a dreamy sort of way.

6 Common Writing Mistakes

  1. Misspelled words
  2. Inconsistent spelling and punctuation
  3. Wrong usage
  4. Confusing contractions with possessive pronouns
  5. Weak qualifiers
  6. Sentences that go on and on


Stop writing essays based on model answers. 

Transitioning from learning how to write  presentable essays to generating ideas on your own is essential for adolescent learners moving into upper secondary school. 


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Which is the correct spelling? 

Which is the correct spelling?

Which is the correct spelling? 

Which is the correct spelling?

Masalah Disiplin-Bahagian 2


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The Colon

A colon (:) can introduce a list or a single item. For example, “I need a bunch of supplies for school
pencils, glue, crayons, and scissors.” Here’s an example of a colon introducing a single item: “There’s one thing I want for my birthday
a car.”