Diary – An Accident

Friday, 1st January 20xx

Dear Diary,

I met with an accident on the way to the shopping centre. Michael and I were cycling along Jalan Matertuition. It was getting late so we were in hurry to get home. The traffic lights turned red but we did not stop. Out of the blue, a motorcycle appeared. I could not stop in time so my bicycle bumped into the motorcycle. i fell on the road and hurt my arm. Michael was not hurt to he called my father. My father rushed me to the nearby hospital. Fortunately, mu injuries were not serious. The doctor bandaged my arm. Before I left, he advised me to obey the traffic rules. I will do so next time.



Diary – Basketball

Wednesday, 1st January 20xx

Dear Diary,

During basketball practice today, I saw Bryan again. I think he is interested in participating in the basketball team. He cannot join because he is too short.

XXIf he is one of the members of the team, we may definitely lose the basketball match. If we do not allow him to play in the team, he may miss the golden opportunity to represent the school team. I will discuss further with others to confirm whether Bryan can join or not. I’m sure he will be on cloud nine if he knows he can participate in the game.

XXI hope that we will make wise decision tomorrow.

Duncan Low