Detailed Workshop for Setting up a Tuition Centre

What will you learn from this workshop?

1. Challenges tuition centres face in today’s education system.

2. Why tuition centres start preparing early for their students

3. 10-step study system top teachers use that your students can follow

4. How you can compress pages of notes onto ONE page via techniques

5. Powerful teaching techniques.

How to set up a new tuition centre?

Secrets of Self-Made Tuition Seminar
《First Step in Tuition》
If you don’t believe in tuition, please ask yourself a simple question. 
“All children go to school and almost all children attend tuition classes

Tuition industry is a recession-proof business model. You can start the business with minimum initial investment. 

You can actually earn up to five figures if you know how to operate and how to manage. 
– Like any other successful businessmen who know how to manage their business well. 

For example,
1. Robert Kuok (The richest man in Malaysia) runs the most traditional business like Palm Oil and Hotel business. Due to his well-managed business model, he is the riches man in Malaysia. 
2. Teh Hong Piaw (The third richest man in Malaysia) runs insurance and banking industry in Malaysia. Again, due to his well-managed business model, he becomes the third richest man in Malaysia. 

History shows and proves that many people want to be a school teacher because they want to earn the basic + additional income from tuition. 

If you want to select one of the easiest model for running a business in tuition industry, you can achieve it now from one of the most successful channel from Master Tuition. 

Master Tuition brings you one of the most successful template for setting up a tuition centre in Malaysia. The course is comprehensive and practical. 

If you have a chance to learn how to set up a tuition centre with the lowest cost ever, why should you wait? 

Master Tuition Licensing Programme

Master Tuition Licensing Programme:

Education is meant for responsible teachers, dedicated operators and avid-learners. If you fulfill the three main criteria, you are ready to join a recession-proof business.
Due to the rapid growth of competition throughout Malaysia, majority of the tuition centres vanish in a short period of time. However, minority of the tuition centres grow to become the regional education providers. Those tuition centres which harvest better results than others are not due to their cleverness or luck. They fulfill the following criteria:
Responsible, dedicated and self-motivated
Proper procedures, valuable advice and up-to-date teaching methods

Setting up a tution centres has two main approaches:

Approach one:

è Set up a tuition centre from scratch
è which may take 2 to 3 years before you can acutely see the results provided that you are self-motivated.
è However, some impatient operators can barely wait for a cycle of three years.

Approach Two:

è Advise some consultants
è which may take 1 to 2 years to see the results.
è The successful rate is very high because the consultant may reduce the new centres’ setting-up timeframe by furnishing the most efficient methods

Master Tuition strives for continual improvement and be ahead of competitors. Teaching is bread and butter of Master Tuition so that there is no way that Master Tuition reduces the speed of providing the latest and useful teaching methods.

Master Tuition Licensing Programme allows the providers to share the common brand name, business philosophy and standardized business methods.