How do you convert or transform from two or more simple sentences to one advanced sentence?

Example  1.

Sentence 1: I walked to school.
Sentence 2: I talked to my classmates.

New sentence 1:
Walking to school, I talked to my classmates.

Intermediate sentence 1:
Walking to school clumsily, I talked to my classmates furiously.

Advanced sentence 1:
Walking to school clumsily due to the force by my parents, I talked to my classmates furiously.

Example 2.

Sentence 1: Ali is a boy.
Sentence 2: Ali is handsome.

New sentence: Ali is a boy who is handsome.
Intermediate sentence: Try it and write on the comment.
Advanced sentence: Try it and write on the comment.

Many more sentence conversion will be taught throughout the English Lessons.

If you want to receive a sample, kindly call Bryan at 012-664-1376.

Best regards,
Bryan Low

Progressive Update for English Checkpoint Tuition Classess

All children have talents for learning how to write countless of essays naturally.

Think how well they learnt when they were much younger.

What has since stifled this natural inquisitiveness of learning and creativity has been the dull, old fashioned and stressful way they have been taught.

This has caused them to build a mental block to obtain abundance of knowledge.

In Master Tuition, we will fine-tune and reshape the passion of apprentices  towards exploring by implementing holistic English writing skills.

Post-UPSR: IGCSE Class 1 (The inception of the programme is on 17 September 2014)
Confirmed Registration: Eight (8) students.
Status: Open for registration

IGCSE / Checkpoint 2:
Confirmed Registration: 18 Students
Availability: 2 seats are available
Status: 3 Students are under waiting list due to the timetable

IGCSE / Checkpoint 3:
Confirmed Registration: 19 Students
Availability: 1 seat is available
Status: Second class is scheduled to be kicked start soon

IGCSE / Checkpoint 1
Confirmed Registration: Seven (7) students
Status: Open for registration

Do you want your kids to pine with incompetence of their English?

Do you want your kids to pine with incompetence of their English? No, neither do I.

Time is precious and time and tide wait no man; therefore, liaise with Master Tuition in a jiffy is a prerequisite for the success of your kids in the future.

The newly-upgraded checkpoint English Writing programmes at Master Tuition sculpt the minds of the scholars that will flourish in any essay-based examinations such as Independent High School’s UEC examinations, Cambridge Checkpoint examinations, PT 3, SPM and IGCSE examinations.

Man Kit, has sacrificed his childhood for learning English in Master Tuition  for more than seven (7) years since the inception of Master Tuition . The way how he writes an essay is empowered with the intellectual muscle, ideological flexibility and expressive flair.

Enclosed please find an attachment for Man Kit’s essay for the latest examination.

Unveil an essay of SMJK Katholik Petaling Jaya

Shu Yin is a form 3 student who is currently studying in SMJK Katholik Petaling Jaya.

After Shu Yin has joined the Master Methods for less than half year since January 2014,  her writing skills have honed tremendously with the supervision of the highly educator in Master Tuition with the MASTER METHODS.

Shu Yin, the top scorer in English Writing in her class, scored 21/25 or 84%.

Keep it up with the good work in order to strike for continual improvement.

Unveil some essays

with the implementation of the new system which is called the Master Methods by Bryan Low, Master Tuition charms a mixed group of three enthusiastic teachers who are as fit as fiddle to facilitate those in-built motivated learners.

Due to the ever-improved system for the transformation from the simple sentences to the most complex essays, all students who are under the supervision of the Master Methods rally the writing skills immensely.

Few of the most improved essays under the guidance of the Master Methods are unveiled for you to witness.

This is the only time that Master Tuition announces the programme of English Writing to the public

Due to the overwhelming requests by majority of the faithful parents, Master Tuition is pleased to announce a new course – English Writing – for year 7, year 8 and year 9 students. 

Due to numerous centres ,which offer immensely better English courses with below average educators, makes some parents keep changing their centres throughout the childhood of their love ones. As a result of over-shifting, majority of the kids encounter countless failure in terms of learning English. 

At the helm of Master Tuition is a dedicated English trainer Bryan Low who loves English and he spends endless of time doing research on English. Hence, only 1% of the students leave Master Tuition for learning English under his supervision. 

With the implementation of English Writing Skills, which is invented by Master Trainer, Bryan Low, more than 15 years in teaching English as a second language, encourage 99% of the avid learners who are able to catch up the steps of writing and the conversion from simple essay to essays with an abundance of sentence variety.