English has the most words. 

There are 615,000 words in English according to the Oxford dictionary. 

Undoubtedly, writing English essays is fun if you know how to substitute your words with few methods. 



(The Trainer and Founder of Mastertuition) 

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There is plenty of admire in students’ work. However, we would like to interpose a disclaimer at this point. None of these essays are extraordinary. Some pieces of work may contain numerous linguistic errors and other may present undeveloped ideas.

It is important to acknowledge these weaknesses when they occur so that they can be addressed in the future. There is always room for improvement, even when it comes to the best students.

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Stop memorizing essays and start learning an array of techniques for writing various professional essays now. 

From Bryan 

President and founder of Mastertuition 


What drives me to teach essay writing. 

Having read a book called Fantastic Beasts by J. K. I Rowling, I became curious to find out about the author of the book and what drives her to generate countless ideas with ease. 

Inevitably, writing is fun if you take your time to master the skill of generating fabulous ideas.



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