Here are our programmes for primary school students

Bahasa Malaysia and English Programmes for Primary School Scholars

Master Tuition has a staff of highly dedicated educators who concentrate on teaching a pupil of avid students with the MASTER METHODS, analysing all examination papers and generating the most-up-to date notes and techniques in hope for leading the students to hone dramatically.

Needless to say, Master Tuition has weathered through at least 40 rounds of examinations ranging from standard 1 to standard 6; hence, we understand the way how the examinations are being set and how the questions are being answered with ease.

In line with the committed staff and ever-improved comprehensive materials, majority of the apprentices are capable of scoring with flying colours.


Day care for Homework Guidance and BM focus

To assist a handful of parents to supervise their kids to complete the daunting tasks of school homework, Master Tuition is proud to announce the inception of the Day Care and Homework Guidance Programmes in 2013.

The main objectives for the programme is to cooperate with parents to ensure all tasks of students are completed within a given period. Hence, the workload of parents can be eliminated substantially after their stressful work from office.

Since we are the Bahasa Malaysia Specialist and the English Expert, all students are required to write essays related to Bahasa Malaysia together with English after completing all homework.


Holiday Programmes

During the year-end school holidays, instead of allowing your love one – you kid – to loitering at home for doing nothing; hence, laziness will be accumulated throughout the long holidays, parents can assign some meaningful programmes for them to keep striking for better results or keep upgrading their stamina.

During the school holidays, the students are capable of learning with fun via countless of ever-improved activities that are related to careful chosen topics.

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