Virtual Classes Are Carried out in Full Swing!!!

Great news for all committed students and co-operative parents!!!

Due to countless favourable commentaries furnished by the majority of parents, virtual classes substitute conventional classroom-based learning to safeguard your loved ones from having the probability to be infected by Covid-19 for the time-being.

Meanwhile, kids hone substantially in the appearance of their parents at home.

If you are one of the top students, please join our online classes ranging from 30 to 50 learners each session.


Bryan Low


Learn How to Write With Ease Instantly.

  1. Do you know that writing a professional essay is a piece of cake provided that you know the tricks.

  2. Cultivating kids to write a decent essay is not a bed of roses; therefore, many educators create games for kids to learn online. I rest my life for that.

  3. Facilitator Bryan has been teaching many scholars on writing essays for more than 20 years.

  4. Believe it or not? Facilitator Bryan has marked more than 1,000,000 essays throughout his teaching career. He has encountered countless errors made by learners.

Contact Facilitator Bryan @ 012-664-1376 if you are a modest pupil who treats privacy as your priority as Mastertuition Will NEVER post your photos online for marketing purposes.


  1. Must be the top 100 students in your respective schools.

  2. Must pass your English test in school.

We are training the future top guns.

Types of words

Types of verbs

Type 1: An intransitive verb

  1. Men talk.

  2. Birds fly.

  3. Rivers flow.

Type 2: Linking verb

(look, become, get, grow, seem appear, turn, taste, smell, sound and feel)

  1. Bryan is overjoyed.

  2. Bryan’s son looks honest.

  3. Bryan became famous.

  4. The weather in Canada is getting colder.

  5. These exercises seem easy.

  6. The fish cooked by my mother tastes scrumptious.

Type 3: “Like + nouns” phrase

  1. It looks like rain.

  2. This water feels like ice.

  3. His voice sounds like your voice.

Type 4: “As if”

  1. It looks as if it is going to snow.

  2. I feel as if I had been returned home from Canada only yesterday.

  3. It sounds as if someone is knocking at the door of my house.